Unusual Marketing Methods for Salons

There are a number of successful marketing methods and tools that beauty salon owners and managers like to use to convert people into repet clients. Social media and Google advertisements, printed materials like flyers, posters, business cards and banners, newsletters, word of mouth, discounts and promotions all work really well. Still, sometimes you’ve got to stir up the game in order to stand out. That’s why we gathered a few unusual salon marketing methods in this article that you could try for yourself. We hope you’ll enjoy them. Let’s dig in!

Ideas for Unusual Salon Marketing Methods

Referral & Loyalty Programs

People like to be rewarded for their efforts. Active, loyal customers even expect it to receive some kind of prize or reward after a while. You can take advantage of this tendency by launching different programs in your salon that will benefit both you and your clients.  

Yes, we’re thinking of referral and loyalty programs. For beauty salons, they work expressly well and deliver marvelous results. These marketing methods cost you almost nothing, yet provide substantial income when implemented correctly.

As for referrals programs, all you have to do is ask your already stable clients to refer you to their friends and acquaintances. Create a cute referral card design and give it to your clients. Explain to them that if someone books an appointment with you and brings the card with your name on it back to the salon, both they and their friends will get a reward. The reward can be something as small as a sample-sized product or an add-on service (e.g., an eyebrow waxing added to a facial treatment); it’ll still be worth it for your client.

Loyalty programs increase customer retention by large. You’re dedicated to one of the service-related professions that carry the opportunity of generating revenue from the same clients monthly or even weekly. That’s a big bonus for you, so try to make the most of it! You can choose from points system loyalty programs, punch card loyalty programs, and VIP tiers loyalty programs. Whichever you decide on, make sure to promote it in highly visible locations.

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Naturally, you want to attract the broadest client base to your salon that consists of your ideal clients. Remember, there are other places to find them besides the internet. For example, buying advertising space on good old-fashioned television can help you increase your business by large. It’s essential to tailor your media coverage based on your location when choosing the channel you want to advertise your business on. Do a little research on the viewership of local channels (the internet, again, will be an excellent place to start), then choose the channel(s) and television programs you think your target audience is most likely to watch. 

Television is typically considered the most expensive marketing medium there is. However, it can be the least expensive, given that you use it judiciously. If you have carefully planned your client audience profile, selecting the right cable market(s) will be a piece of cake, and it will significantly drive down your costs. 

If you do not have sufficient financial resources to promote your salon on television at all, there are other options too. One smart way to get free press is to sign up for Help a Reporter (HARO). All you have to do is to put yourself out there as an expert and carefully read the emails from HARO. If a reporter happens to be searching for an expert stylist, just send them your offer. You may end up being featured on television as the stylist of a show, for instance. And being featured as an expert on TV means one thing: more clients!


Another unusual salon marketing method – which is widely neglected by salon owners – is running ads on the radio. The beauty industry is a mostly visual line of activity; that’s true. However, we recommend that you do not ignore the advertising opportunities that traditional media offers.

Everyone listens to the radio! Your target audience may not expect to find their dream salon while listening to their favorite local radio stations. But that’s precisely why radio advertising could be your winning card! Even if you can’t broadcast photos of your best work on the radio, a smartly assembled radio spot paired with the right timing and the power of surprise might do unexpected wonders for your business. For example, if your salon appeals to a business audience, it’s best to run radio spots during morning drive time that specifically targets the business audience.  

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Sponsoring an Event

As another one of our unusual salon marketing methods, you could try getting more involved in your community by sponsoring a local event. It can be a fashion show, a charity event, a meet and greet – practically any kind of event that requires beauty services, such as hair styling or makeup.

Offer your beauty services occasionally to these local events, and ask for the following in exchange:

  • the opportunity to promote your business in the event brochure;
  • displaying your salon’s name or your logo on the event’s marketing materials;
  • access to official photographer photos;
  • networking opportunities;
  • interviewing with representatives of local media, as part of the event. 

Working at local events as a beauty expert regularly will make you a trusted acquaintance and associate to models, celebrities, local decision-makers, etc. You won’t only build a steady relationship with them, but will also receive press in media outreach surrounding the event. 

Facebook Games & Competitions

Social media, Instagram and Facebook, in particular, is an essential part of salon marketing. Posting special offers, announcing new services or products, introducing your new team members – you probably use Facebook for all of these. However, sometimes you’ve got to drop something fun and unusual in there to encourage activity, like a game or competition. 

Setting up a contest through a simple status update will increase the engagement and reach of your business. By encouraging people to Share, Like, and Comment on your Facebook updates helps the algoritm. Here are a few classic Facebook competition types that will surely boost activity among your followers:

  • Like to Win – Find an incentive to offer and ask people to like your business page to enter. Use a photo or graphic to make the call more appealing.
  • Comment to Win – Ask your audience to comment on your post to enter into the giveaway. Ask them a question, or use a fill-in-the-blank sentence such as: ‘My favorite beauty treatment is ______________ because _____________.
  • Solve to Win – Ask your fans to solve a riddle or answer a trivia question in the comments section to win the prize. 
  • Selfie Contest – People love getting creative and taking selfies. Pair the two! Ask the people of Facebook to upload their favorite selfie in the comments, and whichever gets the most likes will win the prize. 

Local Fairs

Participating in local health and beauty fairs is one of the best offline marketing methods. People attending these kinds of events are there to connect with professionals, so they are already half-committed to inquire about your services. 

Have a stand or booth at every significant event, and make sure to bring a bunch of business cards with you, as well as other printed marketing materials. Answer all questions to the best of your knowledge, and invite people to your salon. If you know that you have the right treatment for them and can solve their beauty-related problems. 

Local fairs also present an excellent opportunity to build your email list. Ask your potential clients to sign up for your newsletter by giving you their email address. 


Another gret way to stay in touch with your clients is a mailing list. It is easy to start ans one email a month or every 2 weeks is more than enough. There are several newsletter management softwares out there from simple and free to expensive and complex. 

To begin a newsletter Mailchimp is a great way to start. 


If you would liek to step up your email game and use a more complex newsletter software, then I Convertkit is the way to go. It is more expensive but offers a lot more features. You can try it with a 30 day free trial

Unusual marketing methods For salons

Implement a few of the above unusual salon marketing methods, and your business will surely find its legs! Remember to get creative from time to time with your marketing campaigns and incentives, and always pay attention to emerging trends and the needs of your clients.