The Anatomy of a Salon Menu

Salon menus are a common and effective selling tool in the hands of beauty professionals. Regrettably so, many beauty establishments do not take advantage of the benefits a well-designed salon menu may carry. Their main mistake is thinking that the mere listing of available services and prices is enough. 

No, those are just price lists, but you’ll need a menu or better still, a guide – in the full sense of the word – to reach the expected results. How to create one of those? – you may ask. To answer that, we put together this little guide ourselves with a few pointers on how a good salon menu looks like. Use it to help you make your first menu or to revamp your existing menu.

The Value of a Salon Menu

The first step in creating an effective salon menu is to learn the many aspects that make it valuable to you. Here they are:

  • A salon menu helps you provide more influential consultations.
  • The printed form of your menu serves as a take-home memento, thus helping client retention.
  • Due to its pass-along trait, it can stimulate referral activity. Plus, you can design it to pre-sell potential clients and invite them to your salon.
  • It will distinguish you from other beauty establishments in the market that do not have an adequate menu. 
  • If you tastefully position the menu outside your salon, it can increase walk-in traffic.
  • A nicely-designed menu can be a fantastic promotional tool that you can hand out at special events, expert talks, and trade shows.
  • A sophisticated menu can even enhance staff morale and incite retention.
Anatomy of a salon menu

The Anatomy of a Good Salon Menu

Basic Info

Everything you have on your business card, you should include on the front page of your salon menu. This means: name of the salon, complete address (including city, state/province, and zip code), phone number with area code, email address, and website. You might even consider a small, customary map that points out your exact location. 

It is also a good idea to put your motto or salon statement on the front page. Provided that you have one, of course. If you don’t, you can come up with one. Give yourself time and consider it well – you can’t change it by the minute. We’re thinking something like ‘Dedicated to offering the finest microblading and microshading services to fashion-conscious patrons throughout the state. 

Furthermore, a photo of the salon owner or the entire team (alternatively: small illustrations of them) would be appropriate as well.

Intro & Your Story

As a next part, thank the person who’s inquiring about your services for making an effort in contacting or visiting you. Set in a professional yet friendly tone. Expressing your appreciation is important because it will make your potential clients aware that they are the guarantee of your livelihood. This may incite a sense of customer responsibility from their part and inspire them to avoid last-minute cancellations, for example. 

Stepping forward, briefly introduce yourself, and present your brand by sharing your story, values, and goals. Your prospects would like to get to know you so that they can decide whether they like you or not, whether they want to hire you or not. After all, the beauty industry is all about feeling cool when trusting someone with your looks. 

The Description of Services

Right after the introductory part, it’s time to present your services and treatments. Organize all of them into categories to make things for your potential clients easy to follow. Start with signature services and service packages. Make sure to these most important and profitable services at the top of the right-hand page, as readers always look there first! Ask your graphic designer to highlight these services by putting them in a box or similar. Then, move onto other categories (but not too many!) relevant for your line of activity. If you own an all-service salon, the scheme would be something like the following:

  • signature services and packages/bundles;
  • waxing & sugaring services;
  • facial treatments;
  • body treatments;
  • add-ons.

Make sure that you don’t only list your services along with their prices, but you also describe them. Always focus on the benefits that each particular service could offer to potential customers, including a health point of view. 


Once you’ve guided your readers through each service, state your guarantee. A guarantee of satisfaction creates confidence among your prospects as it conveys authority and demonstrates how much confidence you have in your work. What is more, if a client is ever dissatisfied, a guarantee as such will open a conversation, which will allow you to solve the problem immediately and thus retain the client. Here are two examples of salon guarantees:

  • On the Day of the Service – State in your salon menu that if the client expresses dissatisfaction on the day of the service, you will correct it on the spot without any additional charges.
  • During the next fourteen days – The value of some services is defined by their longevity or how they will make you look in a few days. So let your clients know that if your service doesn’t completely live up to their expectations, they can schedule a new appointment within the next two weeks, and you’ll remedy their problem.

Client Testimonials and FAQs

To give the image of a reliable and trustworthy service-provider, client testimonials from previous clients who were satisfied with your work are great elements to include in your salon menu. To enhance the effects, share testimonials that report upon initial objections or hesitations against your salon, yet you managed to solve their problems and make them satisfied. The last page of your menu would be the adequate space to list a few testimonials.

Likewise, include frequently asked questions on the last page or backside of the menu. Your prospects surely have some questions by now, but a list of FAQs can help you get ahead of them.

Anatomy of a salon menu

Where can you buy the best menu?

There are several ways for  you get a perfectly designed menu. Here are a few tips:

  • You can design the menu yourself in Word or Canva
  • You can choose to work with a local designer who has alreays experience with menus and has a porfolio
  • You can choose an online designer who can present a great portfolio, we would be happy to help you out.
  • Buy an editable template. This can be from an individual website or something like Etsy
  • Buy a multiple file bundle that has a menu inlcuded

When done right, a salon menu can be one of your most potent positioning statements that you can use both online and in print. Invest the appropriate amount of time to design a sophisticated look as well as to draft explicit, concise, yet friendly content. Believe us, doing all this will distinguish you from others at once.