Printed Marketing Materials for Salons

Printed materials are an essential part of successful beauty salon marketing strategies. They should always be on hand: at the salon, during destination jobs, at trade shows, etc. You might never know when you’ll need to pull a business card or salon brochure out of your pocket. With the extensive popularity of social media, a lot of service provider-customer connections are made online, that’s true. 

But that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s the only way to reach out to your clients. There still is something lovely about being able to provide your potential clients with high-quality, sophisticated marketing materials at any time. Furthermore, it shows fastidiousness and professionalism. 

So in this article, we gathered all the must-have printed marketing materials for your beauty establishment. Get creative and delight your guests with genuinely outstanding promotional materials that reflect the personality of your salon. 

Opening Remarks

Many salons make the rookie mistake of printing their own materials. They are trying to cut down on their costs because they view printed marketing materials as an unnecessary expense. Why spend on press-work, when you can easily do it yourself, right? Well, no. Spending on professional printing is actually an investment in generating revenue, not some bougie craze that only high-end establishments can afford. 

Desktop-printed business cards, flyers, and brochures are dull and lifeless. The same materials printed on state-of-the-art presses – on the other hand – are beautiful and sleek. And since the beauty industry is all about visual aspects, your clientele will surely appreciate a good appearance. Choose an affordable printing company – there are more of them out there than you’d think – and lean back while they deliver your message with professionalism. 

We would be happy to help you with designing a cohesive package, feel free to contact us.

Printed marketing materials for salons

Must-Have Printed Marketing Materials for your Salon

Business Card

Business cards are always first in line when talking about printed marketing materials. They are cheap, expendable, and have a lot of potential as what concerns the design. 

The thing with business cards is that you’ve got to make them memorable. Something that people would take out of their wallet just to look at them. Something that people would show their friends and family because it’s fun. Something that would motivate your potential clients to book an appointment with you. The easiest way to do this is to design a business card that is somewhat interactive. You could include a little fun sticker on them, or turn them into a paper-based credit card-holder. Only the sky’s the limit.

Make sure to have as many business cards printed as you can hand out. Give them to your mother and dentist, and virtually everyone in-between. Here is a list of 25 plaves to leave your business card.

Referral Card  

Asking for someone’s recommendation is quite an intimate act that is best done face to face. Rest assured, it won’t be awkward, provided that you have a fun referral card to hand over in the critical moment. 

As what concerns the design of the card, we recommend keeping the front side on-brand, friendly, and eye-catching. Don’t put too much text on it, only the following:

  • a brief thank you. – E.g.: ‘Thank you for choosing us.’ or ‘Thank you, your treatment is complete.’
  • a call to action (CTA) – E.g.: ‘Do you know someone who’d love [name of salon]? Give a friend 20% off their first appointment.’
  • an incentive – E.g.: ‘To express our gratitude, we’ll give 20% off your next appointment.’

Place terms & conditions on the reverse along with blank spaces for the names of the referrer and referee. This is a great way to generate more revenue.

Business card cover
referral card

Loyalty Card

Another fundamental type of printed marketing materials is loyalty cards. With the help of these, you can turn your most loyal clients into brand ambassadors

The most widespread form of salon loyalty cards is the punch card. The concept is simple. You give a card to your client with a certain number of blanks on it. Each service and treatment that they have in your salon represents a stamp/punch. After collecting all of the stamps/punches, they’ll get a discount, an add-on service, or virtually any reward of your choice. 

You can also get creative with the design here. Share fun facts or relevant info about your salon on the backside. 

Appointment Card

The best time to motivate a client to return to your salon is when they’re still at the salon. Ask them if they would like to pre-book their next appointment, and if they agree, give them an appointment card. 

This will have to contain separate blanks for the name of the client, the booked service, the date, and time. You could also include a little note asking them to contact the salon ASAP if they can’t hold their appointment.

salon loyalty card
next appointment cards

Service Menu

Every beauty establishment needs to have a service menu displayed on its website and in the salon too. Your clients may pick new services scanning through your menu even during the time spent in the salon’s waiting area.

When people look at a service menu (or any kind of menus, come to that), they would like to receive an accurate description of the service. Just like in a restaurant. You’d rather pick a dish that has a description of its ingredients in the menu than one that just says ‘Hamburger’. So if you give your customers a better idea of what they’re getting by having vivid descriptions of your services in your salon menu, they will be much more inclined to buy.

We have a great resource on the anatomy of a menu and how to price your services correctly.

salon menu

Gift Certificate

Gift certificates are one of your best printed marketing materials. People love being pampered, better still if it’s for free! However, many salon owners claim that gift cards do not work. Or maybe they use them with the wrong mindset. 

First of all, your gift certificate is not a supermarket discount coupon. So it needs to look on point. There are too many sloppy gift vouchers out there that do not make a good impression at all. If someone spends 50$ on a pressie, the least they expect is that it looks premium. So make sure your vouchers comply with the following:

  • Reflect your brand.
  • They’re contemporary and of high quality.
  • They’re discreet but clear on terms and conditions. 
  • Have a unisex design or separate designs for women and men. 
We have a detailed post on the Anatomy of a salon menu and how to price your services correctly.
salon gift certificate


Flyers are not the most commonly used salon marketing materials. BUT there are certain times and places when you can use them to their full potential

For example, if you’re just starting your beauty business, you want the news about your fresh dope establishment to get to as many places and as many people as possible. Flyers can basically be left anywhere. You can place them on bulletin boards, under windshield wipers in a parking lot, and wherever else your target clients frequent. 


Stickers are a rather unusual form of marketing, but they’re really fun and carry a lot of potential. They are particularly popular with teenagers and young adults. You’ll be sure to catch them with a cool sticker that they will gladly place on their laptops, their guitar case, or even their motorcycle helmets. As a bonus, they will also promote your brand.

If you’re selling retail products, you can alternatively use branded stickers to seal the packaging


As a beauty professional, your salon brochure or portfolio is your number one pass card to clients. These printed marketing pieces are meant to make it easily seen why you’re the best choice

A great salon brochure includes the following:

  • professional images;
  • features;
  • benefits;
  • before & after photos;
  • branding colors and fonts built into a stylish design.

Naturally, it’s best to look at inventive and unusual measurements when making your brochure/portfolio so that you influence people to take the brochure, as well as to keep it.

Printed marketing materials for salons

Where To Find The Best Printed Marketing Materials For your Salon

You can create very simple card designs on your computer but the best is to use a professional designer. There are also some other options available, like purhasing an editable template from Etsy ot other similar platforms.

If you have some design skills and are familiar with Adobe or Photoshop a great source for templates is Creative Market.