Marketing Wedding Hair and Makeup Services

Exceptional wedding hair and makeup services are widely coveted almost all throughout the year. Whether you’re a freelance hair and makeup stylist or team member of an existing salon, you probably know that connecting with new clients is the best way to help you grow your business. 

Discover the myriad opportunities that the wedding industry has to offer. Not only is it a rather lucrative line of business, but it’s a noble and beautiful profession too. So start concentrating on weddings too, and make your business the local hotspot for future brides. How? Well, we prepared a few tips for marketing wedding hair and makeup services. Here they are.

Marketing Wedding Hair and Makeup Services

Tips for Marketing Wedding Hair and Makeup Services

When it comes to marketing your wedding hair andmakeup services there are several strategies you can choose from. These strategies all depend on marketing skills (I know you hair and makeup the best but someone has to to it), size of your network and your experience.

Marketing Strategies For Wedding Hair And Makeup Services

1 Offline Strategies

These are the classic marketing strategies that you may have used in the past or now. These don’t inlcude extra knowledge on how to promote on the internet, just the good old word of mocuth. Of course there are some action steps you can take to make offline marketing a successful strategy. 

2 Online Strategies

The most populat and the easiest way to promote on the internet is on Instagram and Facebook (pages and groups), but online marketing is so much more than surfing and posting on the social media platforms. There are some very effective ways to promote your wedding hair and makeup services online, like Google ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, Newsletters. These are more advances and don’t be afraid to ask for professional marketers help

3 Mix of offline and online stategies

You don’t have to limit yourself to only offline or to only online marketing. You cam mix and match the different elements to get to an optimal mix of action steps that fir your business. For example you might bring new visitors to your website with Google Ads, than you get them to sign up for a trial. After they get the service and they are satisfied ask them to tag you on social media and give them a set of “magnet cards”. 

What I mean by magnet cards: a set of printed materials that will incentivize your clients to come back. For example loyalty cards, referral cards, next appointment cards. 

Offline Strategies

Add a Wedding Services Guide

Well, to attract brides-to-be to your business, you’ve got to have well-established wedding services on your table. Create a separate services and pricing guide for this purpose. This is an essential step to marketing wedding hair and makeup services. If assembled smartly, this guide could really make you stand out, and eventually pass you on for a job. Make sure to include the following:

  • Intro & Your Story
  • Signature Service
  • Deliverables
  • Previous Work/Portfolio
  • Client Testimonials
  • Your Process
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Other Services
  • Call to Action (CTA)

If you have a website, add a separate ‘wedding services’ tab to your homepage. Along with the services and pricing guide, feature high-quality images of brides and bridal parties. It is also great tactics to include bridal photos somewhere on your homepage. This way, your potential clients will instantly know that you offer wedding services, and won’t have to hunt for info any longer. 

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Set Up a Referral Program

Use your existing relations to generate more business. It often happens that beauty pros and their clients spend so much time chatting with each other during a treatment or service that it doesn’t even feel like work anymore. More like talking to a friend. This aspect of the beauty industry is quite fortunate because you can easily use it for your own benefit.

Your client may have a friend who’s about to get married and needs a wedding hair and makeup stylist. So tell them everything about the bridal services that you offer (highlighting your signature offer). Remember, you’re telling them this more like a friend willing to help, not as a business owner. As a bonus, let your close clients know that you’ll offer them a special referral reward if their acquaintances end up booking you for their big day. 

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Attend Bridal Shows

Throughout the summer and well into fall, you’ll find that several bridal shows are organized. Keep your eyes peeled for them! Set up a booth whenever you can and showcase what you can do. These events are an excellent way of marketing your wedding hair and makeup services and get your name out there. You have a high chance of attracting some of the new brides’ attention. 

Don’t forget to have a sign-in sheet on hand in order to collect names and contact information. Also, you might want to consider giving a discount or free gift to any of the people on your list who end up booking with you for their wedding day. It’s a win-win situation both for your future clients and you. 

Reach Local Brides-To-Be via Social Media

If you haven’t already, let’s get down to establishing a strong social media presence! A considerable fraction of businesses creates a steady client base with the help of social media services. Facebook and Instagram are the number one places a bride-to-be would go to seek information about wedding services. Twitter and Pinterest are right behind them in the line. If a local bridal business is tagged somewhere, all the brides in the area will likely check out its website or social media page. In the first place, having a strong and cohesive social media presence is for marketing wedding hair and makeup services directly to customers. However, posting before-after photos, having a platform for reviews, and testimonials might work just as well in terms of marketing. 

Partner Up

Nowadays, having other local business support you might be your lucky start. It’s always a smart move to make a connection with different wedding businesses. Contact local wedding planners and venues, florists, photographers, nail salons, other hair, and makeup artists and ask them to enter into a partnership with you. This means cross-marketing each other’s services (displaying marketing materials & business cards) and referring each other’s services to clients. After all, future brides are always asking vendors for recommendations. Be the person they suggest!

Stay in Touch

Hopefully, your clients will only need your wedding services once in a lifetime. That doesn’t mean though that you can let them go after the deal is done. On the one hand, you have an opportunity to turn them into regular clients. On the other hand, showing your appreciation and care is an excellent incentive to recommend you to their acquaintances in the future. It’s imperative that you check back on your brides a few weeks after the wedding. Send them an email in which you thank them for choosing you, and express your hope that everything happened to their liking. Along with this, you can stick in a small guide with the other services you provide, just in case. Or, if you’re a more assertive type of person, downright invite them back to your salon by offering an incentive.


Online strategies

Social Media is Your Friend

Social media is one of the greatest ways to get your name out there! Although it can take some time to show results, using social platforms for business purposes will surely pay off in the long run. Dedicate yourself to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat! 

Instagram & Facebook

  • These are the number one platforms to show off your creations due to their highly visual nature. Post before and after pictures of your clients (strictly with their permission!) and make complete transformation-videos to offer insight into the amazing workflow you provide.
  • It’s also effective if your clients post pictures themselves, so encourage them to do so by creating a lovely corner in your salon with a cute background and good lighting specifically for taking pics. 
  • Create your own hashtag and put it in the window of your salon and the corners of your mirrors so that your clients will remember it for sure.
  • Ask local influencers to be your brand ambassadors in exchange for discounts or free services.

Twitter & Snapchat

  • Use these platforms for entertaining! People love laughing, so sharing funny captions, videos and pictures together with your crew members will positively wind your way into their hearts. 

Paid Campaigns

When your potential clients are searching for hair salon services on the internet, you should be right in place. Featuring at the top of Google search results might be a good start. How to do that? Easy: run a paid campaign! When setting up a Google ad campaign, make sure to be as specific as possible in order to reach people who are likely to book an appointment with you: define specific search words and target customers located within walking distance of your spot. 

You can also run paid Facebook and Instagram ads to upgrade your client base since they’re a great way for your business to expand reach and get you out to a wider market. The Facebook Ad Manager links with Instagram so may run the same ads on both sites.


Newsletters are by no means the place to try to sell your services to your clients blatantly. They are meant to provide your customers with valuable content when they aren’t in your salon. The content must not only be entertaining but also useful. So try to think about topics that appeal to your audience, that inform and inspire them at the same time. Your readers will surely appreciate your professionalism and will likely return to you as clients. 

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Marketing Wedding Hair and Makeup Services

These were only the easiest, money- and stress-free tips for marketing wedding hair and makeup services. Of course, you can showcase your business any way you can. If you’re willing to invest more money into marketing efforts, you can hire a marketing company that will do the job for you. 

Also, you can run paid ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram in order to effectively reach your target audience. Even the old school method of placing print ads in local newspapers and publications might bring in some brides. Only the sky and your creativity is the limit. Good luck!