How to Find Instagram Hashtags for Salons

If you’re reading this article, you probably already know that Instagram is one of the best places to get your salon discovered online. Provided that you do it right, of course. A key aspect of using Instagram correctly is the use of hashtags. Many people just type in the first few random hashtags that pop into their minds, and that’s that. This way, they don’t make a huge difference. 

Then again, when you use the RIGHT Instagram hashtags for salons your photos and videos, people can quickly discover you, engage with your posts, fall in love with you, then become loyal clients. Especially if you have a visually pleasing and consistent online presence. In this article, we’ll show you how to find the best hashtags for your beauty business so that you can improve your Instagram game. Let’s get started!

How Hashtags Work

You probably already know that hashtags are a way to sort or ‘tag’ your posts into categories. This helps your content to get discovered, but many of us still don’t know how does that work exactly.

So, everything that you post gets submitted into Instagram’s algorithm. Based on that particular post’s engagement, the likes and comments it gets, IG decides who and how many people will see it. It’s a snowball effect. A great photo or video will get a lot of likes and comments, which will signal to Instagram that it’s of high quality. Then, it will reach even more people and will get even more engagement. 

With hashtags, you essentially expand the reach of your content, as people outside your followers will be able to see your posts. They’ll find you on the page for the #s they follow and on the discovery page for posts they are interested in. 

All this means that if you neglect the use of hashtags on Instagram, you’re only using the platform to half of its potential. Now that you know this, you’ll only need to figure out the right hashtags for your salon.


Where can you find Instagram hashtags for salons

There are many websites that can help you with finding hashtags, here are a few: 

All Hashtag

Instagram Hasgtag Generator



Develop a Strategy

Posting photos and vids with all the random hashtags you saw on other people’s posts can lead to missing out on a lot of potential followers, looking spammy, and even risking that Instagram would mark your hashtags as spam.

To avoid all that, you need to do some research about your target audience, your location, and your beauty niche. After that, use hashtags according to your findings. Here’s how to do it.

1. Hashtag Spreadsheet

Create a spreadsheet you can use for your research in finding your best hashtags. The idea is to experiment with different types of hashtags and keep track of which hashtags you used each week to see the ones that worked out best for you.

The first step to improvement is to see where you come from. Write down the hashtags you’ve been currently using in your spreadsheet. Next, write down your average engagement (likes & comments) and reach. Make a note of the number of people who see your posts via hashtags: tap ‘view insights’ under each post to get the data.

2. Find Hashtags for you Geographic Area

Do not make the mistake of ignoring the possibilities your location may provide in terms of hashtags. It’s the easiest to connect with your target clients in your city, who – by the way – are also within reach. Create a column in your spreadsheet called ‘local hashtag ideas’ and start searching for the right hashtags!

As a first step, you’ll need to find the most basic hashtag for your city/area. This will probably be the name of your city, for example, #baltimore. 

Look for the top posts for this hashtag, and check out the other hashtags related to this city that people use. You’ll probably find things like #baltimorelife, #baltimorestyle, #bmore, and so on. Write all these down in your spreadsheet! 

Another way to find hashtags for your location is to search for it on Instagram and see the suggested hashtags. Note those down too.

It might be helpful to check out other local businesses or bloggers that have a prominent online presence to see if they use any #s that you missed. If so, copy them to your spreadsheet right away.

3. New Hashtags Each Week

In your spreadsheet, write down new ideas for hashtags related to your line of business. Try them one-by-one each week. Experiment and keep track of the ones that work amazing for you and the ones that don’t quite so. 

For example, you can experiment with geographic-general hashtags like #baltimorelife and geographic-beauty hashtags like #baltimoresalon in two consecutive weeks to see which type performs better. Remember, keep a record of the average engagement and reach of the different hashtags as described in the first step.

FInd Hashtags for your salon Instagram

Once you have a better understanding of which types of Instagram hashtags for salons and individual hashtags work best for your business, you’re all set to make a fantastic Instagram career. However, it would be best if you never stopped experimenting and learning. After all, hashtags are all about trends and changes. So make sure to stay updated and don’t use the same hashtags all the time.