How to Decide What Esthetician Services to Offer

Estheticians are superheroes camouflaged as skincare specialists. They are able to make us feel better about ourselves with their expertise and well-crafted treatments. If you’re reading this article, you most probably are about to establish yourself in the beauty industry and offer esthetician services, if you haven’t already. 

The esthetician’s role is a pretty intimate role that requires responsibility, legitimacy, knowledge and a lot of trust from your client’s part. This field carries a lot of opportunities, so you might want to think about what services to offer to your clients. We think we might be able to help you with this little article presenting the main options you have as an esthetician.

Esthetician Services To Choose From

Once you finished beauty school and got licensed, you need to decide what subfield should you specialize in. As a first step, let’s see what types of estheticians are out there!

  • Salon Esthetician
    • This is the general term for a beauty specialist that works in a salon or spa and can perform various treatments. Essentially anything from waxing to facial treatments.
  • Skincare Specialist 
    • As a skincare specialist, you will make sure that your clients’ skin looks youthful and healthy. They give out expert advice on how to properly clean their skin. Helping them put together a skincare regimen that fits their skin profile and lifestyle. And, of course, by performing various cosmetic treatments. 
  • Wax Specialist
    • A wax specialist’s job is to perform all kinds of waxing and sugaring treatments (underarms, legs and arms, bikini, back, face). They are expected to be proficient in different waxing techniques (e.g. hard wax vs. soft wax). And advise their clients what is the best fitting for them.
  • Makeup Artist
    • Now instead of giving facials and any other kinds of treatments that make the skin healthy. A makeup artist uses her/his talents to make the client’s face (or other body parts) appear beautiful by using different makeup products. 
  • Spa Therapist
    • A spa therapist provides services for both the body and mind. Therefore, most of them are involved in treatments such a massages. But they also do body scrubs and wraps, aromatherapy, hot stone massages and mud baths. 
  • Medical Esthetician
    • Medical estheticians specialize in clinical procedures: under the supervision of a doctor. They help patients with skin problems that were caused by injuries or illnesses such as post-chemotherapy skin treatment or burn injuries. To practice medical esthetics services, you’ll need further training in each treatment you’re willing to offer in addition to your cosmetology qualifications. 
What is the best for you?

So these are the general options of esthetician services to specialize in. Salon estheticians are widely sought-after, but you might still want to consider perfecting one specific treatment or service. Did you know that specialists earn more than generalists? It’s like a rule, but, of course, you’ve got to take into account the location that you live in and the needs of its residents. 

You can be a makeup artist who works wonders. If the people of a small town don’t pay much attention to that kind of thing. It’s a great strategy to start your career as a salon esthetician. Observe the need of your client in general for a while and collect information. 

According to their characteristics and develop various specialty treatments and services based on them. This way, you will gain a loyal client base, the members of which will value your work greatly because you will be giving a solution to THEIR specific problems.

Other Factors To Think About When Selecring Esthetician Services

Besides deciding what subfield of esthetician services you’re willing to specialize in, you’ll need to provide some additional services that will please your clientele. We’ll show you the options to choose from.

  • Online booking calendar and self-service – people like to to do as much independently or without human interactions as possible. Providing your clients with the means for them to be proactive on your website will surely please them. And it’s going to be easier for you too because the appointments are all handled by an app which automatically syncs with your calendar. 
  • Loyalty program – returning clients expect rewards for their loyalty. So consider setting up a loyalty program that best suits the profile of your business. You can choose from points system loyalty programs, punch card loyalty programs and VIP tiers loyalty programs.
  • Selling products – many consider different cosmetics and skincare products approved by their esthetician more effective and reliable than the ones found in any regular store. So recommending and selling skincare products to your clients is another way to make them happy. And hey, you can even profit from the purchases, if you offer your goods at a retail price.
decide on services
We hope that you’ll find your niche that will make you and your clients both personally and professionally satisfied. There are a lot of options in your chosen career path, so don’t you ever think that your esthetician licence isn’t flexible and you can’t do wonders with the proper amount of creativity and effort.
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