How to Create an Effective Salon Newsletter

Most salon owners and employees try their best to provide immaculate customer experience during their clients’ visits. While this is one of the most effective safeguards to get your clients to return to you, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to develop the relationship further after they left the salon. This way you can turn them into repeat customers .

Salon email marketing is an excellent way to do that. When done right, occasional newsletters can create an atmosphere of familiarity with your clients, while subtly reminding them to book a new appointment. To help you produce an effective newsletter structure for your salon, we assembled a few tips on how to make the most out of this unique marketing tool.

Tips on Creating an Effective Salon Newsletter

Provide Valuable Content

Some businesses from the service industry make the mistake of trying to sell different offers in their newsletters. That’s practically confusing newsletters with advertisements sent by email, commonly known as e-blasts or email blasts. 

Newsletters are by no means the place to try to sell your services to your clients blatantly. They are meant to provide your customers with valuable content when they aren’t in your salon. The content must not only be entertaining but also useful. So try to think about topics that appeal to your audience, that inform and inspire them at the same time. Your readers will surely appreciate your professionalism and will likely return to you as clients. 

Here are a few topic categories that you can always pull out of your sleeve:

  • Know-How
    • Gather the questions that your clients typically ask you when they visit your salon. ‘How can I stop biting my nails? ”What can I do to keep my hair healthy during wintertime?’ 
    • Try to answer these questions one-by-one in your newsletters. 
    • As a bonus, you can send short video tutorials.
  • New Trends
    • In the beauty industry, trends and styles change by the minute, and new treatments are developed daily. A salon newsletter is an ideal way to inform your clients about them. 
    • Sharing information about the latest trends shows that you are on top of the game.
  • Reflecting on News
    • A monthly newsletter may be too ambitious for this category, but you can try sending at least one per season.
    • The point is to gather all the latest trends and organize them so that they correspond to the season. Beauty tips for the winter, holiday nail art ideas, makeup colors for fall, the sky is the limit. Share your thoughts on these trends, or complement them with your signature services.

Create a Striking Design for your Newsletter

You might want to try formatting your salon newsletter like a magazine cover. As we know, magazine publishers grab the attention of possible readers by designing a catchy cover with a memorable headline. Having a similar appeal for your newsletter is not only chic but will surely make your clients far more likely to open emails from you.

Also, don’t forget to include your branding colors and logo. These represent you and your values, therefore clients need to see them as often as possible to remember and recognize you. Consistency is vital in marketing activities, so you need to act accordingly.

The best part about creating your newsletter is that you don’t even have to hire a professional graphic designer to do it. Canva, a nifty little online tool allows you to put together any kinds of designs quickly. They even have newsletter and magazine cover templates!

Use Stunning Photos

Every salon owner wants the best for their establishment and knows that using the best from everything reinforces their reputation. Now, a newsletter is also a part of that reputation and contributes to an impression of high quality. That’s why you might want to make sure that it contains beautiful images besides valuable content. It’s best to use your own photos to show off your skills. 

You can even ask your clients while still at the salon, whether they would like to model for your salon newsletter. For example, you can take before & after photos of your best work, and use them to illustrate an article about a particular treatment or trend. 

Include a Call to Action (CTA)

When you’re assembling your salon newsletter, make sure to include a clear and concise call to action after each segment or article. Learn More, Continue Reading, Write a Review, Please Contact Us – a link with a button that states either of these is an excellent call to action. This way, you’ll give the reader the freedom to decide whether they’re interested in finding out more, or not. 

Of course, your salon email newsletter should focus on helping instead of selling, but you can still include subtle ways to help your clients do business with you. A button linked to your online booking calendar that states ‘Make an Appointment’ or ‘Book Now’ at the very end of your newsletter won’t be too pushy, but it will make it incredibly simple for your audience to get in touch with you when they’re ready.

Decide on Frequency

Before you start sending out your salon email newsletters, you might want to decide how often you will do this. Weekly, biweekly, once a month or once per season? Only you can decide which option is more realistic for you. Whichever you choose, make sure to stick to it later, because consistency is as important here as it is with your brand image. Set deadline reminders on your calendar, so you won’t forget when your newsletter is due.

Use MailChimp

MailChimp is an online marketing software, which will allow you to send out genuinely well-formatted salon newsletters. You can use the software free of charge for 2,000 subscribers and a monthly 12,000 newsletters. 

Try to keep your email database up to date. Also, always give your readers the option to unsubscribe from your newsletters, if they desire so. A salon management software with a built-in mass email feature will help you a lot to stay organized, create, and deliver your content.

how to create an effective salon newsletter

As a salon owner, you already have infinite opportunities for building lasting relationships with your guests. Social media is the king of ongoing communication; that’s true. But the more popular these platforms become, the harder it gets to reach clients directly. A salon email newsletter – on the other hand – is a practical, budget-friendly, and effortless way to stay in touch. Make sure to take advantage of the opportunities it presents!