6 Tips For A Consistent Online Image For Your Beauty Business

If you work or plan to work in the beauty industry, one fundamental thing to understand about every impression your business conveys is the power of an online image. Well, it is true for most companies that their customers’ first point of contact with them is online, but the beauty business is a particularly visual and result-oriented segment of the service industry, therefore you’ve got to make every effort to build a consistent, captivating and authentic online presence and image. We’ll show you how with the following 6 tips!

Decide on a Relevant Name

Whether you’re just about to start your career as a beauty professional or you wish to rebrand your existing business, choosing a name is massively important. Why? Because the name of your business will be the first thing your potential clients or customers will come into contact with either online or out on the streets, so it works kind of like a first impression and we know by now that first impressions are crucial. 

Speaking in facts: 48% of consumers report that their very first contact with a company is the one deciding whether they will develop loyalty toward that company or not. Your business name will be the thing that people will identify you and your services with, the thing that you want them to talk about, and if all goes well, you’ve got to keep that name for a long time.


So deciding on a name is a serious thing, don’t rush into anything. Give yourself time to come up with the best idea, ask your friends, family or colleagues to help you. Even if they gave you ridiculous ideas, one might spark genius in you. Brainstorm, write down your thoughts and compare to them from time to time or get feedback on them from someone you trust.


Be sure to think of a memorable name that may circumscribe your area of activity (this is optional though). Make it catchy too! It may be a little word game or acronym – you can include your own name or location in it to make it more personal. If you have absolutely no idea, online business name generators can be of assistance: Shopify Business Name Generator or Hipster Business Name Generator might give you the right spark of inspiration!

For a step  by step process guide download the Branding Checklist

2. Get your own Logo

A consistent online image also requires a professionally designed logo. A good logo will be the centerpiece of your business’s visual identity and online image that your clientele will surely keep in mind. 

If you’re looking for a truly professional logo, you have a variety of options, but they all require a little financial investment. Unless you have a graphic designer bestie who’ll design your logo free of charge, clever designs have their cost. 

Don’t worry though: Etsy, Fiverr and 99designs offer designs suitable for all kinds of business needs and budgets. Hundreds of freelance designers offer their services on these sites and they can easily capture the style and vibe that best suits you and your business – thanks to their experience with all kinds of people. If you Don’t have financial constraints, you can contact us to create your logo. 

Whoever does the design, ask them to create different versions and file types for your logo so you can confidently use it on different platforms and backgrounds.

3. Pick a Color Scheme

The color palette that you use on your website and other online interfaces should include no more than 3–4 shades (the use of too many colors looks tacky and unprofessional) and complement the colors used in your logo. If you’ve long had a solid idea for a color scheme, apply that, but it’s always best to consult with a professional graphic designer who can tell what will work well with your logo and website.


If tight on budget, there are websites that aim to help you design a color palette – just google ‘color combinations’. Also, do your research on color psychology – it’s real!

4. Make a Website For a Stunning Online Image

We can’t emphasise enough that you have to have a website for your business to be taken seriously. Besides social media, a website is the first place most people will visit to get information about your company and your services. This is the ultimate platform to show off your authentic online image through every little detail a website is built on: colors, graphics, fonts, texts, videos and images. 

Your website needs to look clean, tasteful and professional, so we highly recommend to hire a professional to set it up for you. Again, if you can’t afford to do that, there are a few, more economical options, like HubSpot, Wix, WordPress or Squarespace

5. Matching Stationery Design

When designing your online image, logo and website, you may also want to think about stationery design. A cohesive brand must cover everything: labels and stationery must have the same logo and the same colors with clear and readable details. You can also upload your business card and service brochure to your website, or different gift cards with the option for your visitors to purchase them.

6. Social Media Feeds

The same applies to your social media feeds. If you use Facebook and Instagram (and we know that you use them because they are the #1 social media services for beauty professionals), you may want to extend the elements of your online image,  visual identity to these as well. To potential clients, nothing seems more striking than a clean, nicely-organized feed that radiates the same energy as your whole brand. Make sure to use the same colors on your covers as on your website and to integrate the logo somewhere. Consistency is key in descriptions, bios, as well as in your emoji- and hashtag-use.

You may consider picking a corresponding style for your photos and videos too: post them only in B&W or apply a little custom frame to them – these are small things which take minimum effort from your part, but they’ll surely make a difference as what concerns your brand’s perception by visitors. Online Image 

beauty branding

Following these few tips, you can create a consistent online image with a visual identity that won’t easily be forgotten. Don’t forget, a business is a reflection of its owner, so dare to be yourself when assembling your online presence and marketing. Because your clients will meet you anyway, and ultimately, your personality and skills are the things that’ll convince them to choose you… or drive them away.


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