6 Hairstylist Marketing Tips

No matter how great a hairstylist you are, if people do not know that you exist. We know, with so much competition out there, it’s not easy at all to grab the attention of potential clients. That’s why marketing your salon and your services should be one of your top priorities. 

For many business owners, the term ‘marketing’ means something very sinister. Something that they don’t joyously get into, but actually, it doesn’t have to be all stressful. With the following tips, you can easily put the word out about your salon, attract new clients by the day and even grow to enjoy the process.


6 Hairstylist Marketing Tips

  1. Social Media is Your Friend

Social media is one of the greatest ways to get your name out there! Although it can take some time to show results, using social platforms for business purposes will surely pay off in the long run. Dedicate yourself to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat! 

Instagram & Facebook

  • These are the number one platforms to show off your creations due to their highly visual nature. Post before and after pictures of your clients (strictly with their permission!) and make complete transformation-videos to offer insight into the amazing workflow you provide.
  • It’s also effective if your clients post pictures themselves, so encourage them to do so by creating a lovely corner in your salon with a cute background and good lighting specifically for taking pics. 
  • Create your own hashtag and put it in the window of your salon and the corners of your mirrors so that your clients will remember it for sure.
  • Ask local influencers to be your brand ambassadors in exchange for discounts or free services.

Twitter & Snapchat

  • Use these platforms for entertaining! People love laughing, so sharing funny captions, videos and pictures together with your crew members will positively wind your way into their hearts. 
  1. Paid Campaigns

When your potential clients are searching for hair salon services on the internet, you should be right in place. Featuring at the top of Google search results might be a good start. How to do that? Easy: run a paid campaign! When setting up a Google ad campaign, make sure to be as specific as possible in order to reach people who are likely to book an appointment with you: define specific search words and target customers located within walking distance of your spot. 

You can also run paid Facebook and Instagram ads to upgrade your client base since they’re a great way for your business to expand reach and get you out to a wider market. The Facebook Ad Manager links with Instagram so may run the same ads on both sites. 

  1. Loyalty Card System

Every hairstylist has their favorite returning clients with whom they particularly enjoy having a conversation while washing and cutting. Well, show them your appreciation for both the good talks and their loyalty by setting up a loyalty card system. 

This hairstylist marketing concept is quite simple: your client gets a cute little card that you stamp each time they visit, and on the fifth or tenth occasion, you give them a discount. This way, you make sure they keep coming back to you, and if you use your creativity a little, you can turn your loyalty cards into good promotional materials. 

  1. Consistent Branding

As a hairstylist and/or hair salon owner, you might want to make sure that you create a strong and instantly recognizable brand. Both on the internet and in physical space. The easiest way to do that is to identify your salon’s personality (minimal, elegant, feminine or upscale?), then add a consistent color palette to that personality (but no more than 3–4 colors/shades). 

You need to use these colors in the interior design of your salon, on your business and loyalty cards, your website, your social media posts, in your emails and so on. If you do that, people will associate certain colors with you the moment they see them. Be mindful about color psychology, because it can highly affect the way your brand will turn out. This is also an important part of hairstylist marketing strategy.

This article about how to achive a consistent online image will help you.

  1. Word of Mouth

Though not exactly a solid marketing strategy, but it works. Word of mouth can be a very effective way to send word about your talents out to people. In this regard, hairstyling is a particularly lucky line of business, because a good hairdo speaks for itself. Someone sees a cute cut or a unique color that you mastered on one of your previous clients, ask who’s done it, and bamm: you got yourself a brand new customer!

Setting up a referral program or introducing cross-marketing with the help of other beauty professionals could also boost your business. 


  1. Online Reviews

Most people would like to read an online review before booking an appointment at a hair salon, so you should give them the opportunity. Make sure to be listed on Google My Business so that your salon pops up whenever someone runs a Google Maps-search on hair salons. Also, make a Yelp profile, because millennials are likely to check that too, before visiting your salon. And of course on your Facebook Business Page.

Encourage your clients to write reviews about your services because receiving feedback is essential. Both in terms of improving your customer service and being somewhat in control of your reputation. See, whenever you get a less favourable review, you have the opportunity to address the bad experience right away. And offer a solution or some kind of compensation. This way, you won’t lose your credibility and can keep your virtues like a true pro.


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Hopefully, after reading this article, you may have taken a liking for the idea of marketing your hairstyling services. Don’t lose heart if you try something and it doesn’t work or you don’t get immediate results in you hairstylist marketing strategy. Like all great things in life, finding the best-fitting marketing tools and strategies takes time and a lot of patience.