2020 Salon Marketing Plan And Strategies

Looking for renewal in 2020? You’re in the right place, as in this article, we’ll show you why it’s worth to start the new year with a new marketing strategy and offer you a few tips that could help you make your business as flourishing as ever.

Create a Beauty Salon Marketing Plan for 2020

Because of the increasing number of competitors in the beauty and salon industry, it’s important to differentiate yourself from the rest. It won’t be easy because standing out from a crowd full of exceptional talent – like all great things in life – takes a lot of time, hard work and a little luck too. Yeah, luck, to have the vision to properly promote the salon that you own or manage. 


Redefining your salon’s marketing strategy is one of the best time and money investments you can make in 2020. Why? Because no matter what kind of beauty business you have or where you stand in your career, you can never neglect marketing. On the contrary: you should continuously work on making it better and more appealing to your target audience. 

Why use salon marketing?

The most successful companies in the world run the most powerful marketing campaigns. And not just because they have the money for it, but also because they know that the key to their success lies in how they communicate and connect with their customers. Yes, in essence, marketing is communicating with the right people in an attractive way, intending to turn them into customers or clients. 

If you make up your mind to create a professional, polished image and a captivating online presence for your business in 2020, you’ll be amazed at how crowded your books had become. 


Be careful though, all this can’t be done overnight. Building a serious website takes time, improving and perfecting your social media performance takes time, learning how to use Google and Facebook Ads takes time, etc.-etc. That’s why you need to set your goals and plan out your marketing activities on time. We’ll show you how, and also give you a few fun salon marketing ideas along the way.


Assess your Year

Whenever you start building a plan, it’s important to have a reference point so that you can see where do you stand in the moment and where do you want to get to by the end of the implementation period. Take a look at your results from last year to see what you want to improve. 


Put your pen to paper and note down the important numbers of 2019 such as:

  • number of new clients & total number of clients
  • number of rebooking clients
  • retail sales numbers (if applicable)
  • revenue per month & year


After that, create a record of your marketing results for the past year including:

  • number of website visitors per month & year
  • number of posts you made on social media per month
  • number of followers on each social media service
  • money spent on promoting your business
  • number of client contacts in your database


Just by doing this, you probably learned a lot about the state of your business. Use these numbers as a baseline to create goals for 2020.


If you’re at the very beginning of your career, you’re in a slightly more difficult situation, because you don’t have any prior experience to compare your goals with. Don’t panic though! Do a little research on how salons of different kinds and sizes generally perform in their first year, then try to set realistic goals, and you’ll do just fine.


Set your Goals

It is also important when setting up your marketing plan that your goals are achievable, specific and quantifiable, otherwise, you won’t know if you’ve reached or exceeded them.


Use the data you collected on your 2019 results and the following formula to get you started:

  • Increase the number of website visitors from _______ to _______ per month.
  • Increase the number of social followers from _______ to _______.
  • Increase total number of clients from _______ to _______.


Now you have a measurable goal destination for 2020 and that in itself will help you get a better picture of how to get there. 


Set your Budget

You already know how much you spent on marketing last year, so now you have to determine how much more you will spend on it in 2020. If you want to grow your business in the new year, you need to set more ambitious goals and you also need to commit to increasing your marketing budget to help you get there.


It is a general standard to spend at least 5% of gross revenue on marketing, but if you want to see notable growth, consider boosting this amount to 10-12%.


Put a Plan in Place

The growth of your business largely depends on things like the customer experience you provide, the quality of your services, the technology and the equipment you use. However, marketing and especially your online marketing activities also greatly influence your advancement. It is almost impossible to grow your business without a proper online presence, convincing self-brand, professional website and targeted advertising.  


At this point in your planning, you need to think over the following: 

  • How most of your clients have found you over the past year (via word of mouth, Google, advertising or social media?)
  • Which were the marketing tricks that worked well for you and which were the ones that didn’t quite so?
  • What were the areas where your competitors performed well and you didn’t? What did you leave out of the equation?
2020 salon marketing

What to Focus on in 2020 in Salon Marketing

Once you’ve done that, you will know what your strengths and weaknesses were so far. This will be the starting point for putting together your new strategy, which will not only be trendy but will prove to be effective and fruitful.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll guide you through the marketing activities we consider to be the most important for your salon in 2020.

  • Branding

    • Creating a consistent visual brand is an absolute priority when it comes to marketing.
    • It’s important that your marketing is consistent and professional in every aspect so that people will recognize you online at a glance and become familiar with you. Your branding also reflects your style, personality and values, and therefore, will attract the best clients to you.
    • Creating a branding board is the best way to make a new, catchy brand for your salon, which contains an attractive color palette (only 3–4 shades!) that you’ll use everywhere, your logo, font combinations, and inspiration images.
    • You can hire professional designers to help you create the perfect branding board, but you can also make one yourself for free in Canva, for example.
  • Photography

    • Nowadays, having great pics circulating online is very important for every business. Everyone is trying to improve in this area because let’s face it, a professional photo makes a thousand times better impression than a mobile selfie, per se.
    • To stand out in 2020, you might want to consider working with a professional photographer. This doesn’t even have to be a huge investment: it’s enough to hire a photographer at the beginning of the year to take 30-50 stunning photos of you, your co-workers, clients, and salon. These can then be used throughout the whole year on your website, social media platforms (profile pics and covers), picture messages and stationery materials. This will make all the difference when it comes to having a cohesive online presence.
    • Furthermore, you might want to invest in a digital camera so that you can take high-quality pictures yourself and share them with your existing and potential clientele.  
    • Setting up a selfie station is also a great investment because a cute, funky place with good lighting will motivate your clients to take shots of themselves and share it online.
  • Search Engine Optimization

    • Your Google-performance is also essential as what concerns the success of your salon marketing strategy. Try to rank higher when people run a search for salons near them. 
    • Register to Google My Business to be able to add a lot of relevant details about your salon, and to pop up in Google Maps, when being searched for.
    • Register your salon with big search engines besides Google such as Bing or Yahoo.
    • Optimize your website! Make sure that it’s fast, secure, mobile-friendly and that it contains salon keyword phrases that people might use when searching for salons online and at least one piece of fresh content per month.
    • Get other trustworthy websites to link to yours.
  • Website

    • At this point, we don’t even need to go into detail about why it’s important that your website makes a good impression. If you find that your page is inadequate in any way, start improving it right away or create a brand new one.
    • Make sure to:
      • include professional photos;
      • include an online booking calendar;
      • use the branding board you composed earlier;
      • show off your work (before & after pics, embed Instagram photos, etc.);
      • share some info about yourself.
  • Instagram

    • It’s your #1 platform for promoting your salon, so try to make the most of it.
    • Post only professional photos and high-quality videos, but not all at once.
    • Get a scheduling tool so you can schedule a month or two worth of content in advance (e.g. Later.com).
    • Write engaging, personal captions.
    • Use hashtags generously! Also, create your own hashtag, and use it consistently.
    • Hire IG influencers to be your brand ambassadors and promote your services.
    • Use IG stories to share content that didn’t fit into your feed.
  • Advertising

    • If you’d wish to run online ad campaigns, then Facebook, Instagram, and Google are the best places you can put your money to bring in new clients.

It takes time to get the hang of it, but once you move around boosting or AdWords confidently, you can set up a schedule and budget for paid advertisements.

2020 salon marketing

We hope that these few tips will help assemble your new marketing strategy for 2020 and that you will have much joy and fulfillment in applying them. Don’t forget: marketing your beauty business won’t be full of pain and anguish if you set realistic goals and give yourself some tasks that you enjoy completing. Good luck!