10 Ways to Find Clients for your Wedding Hair & Makeup Services

Being a wedding hair and makeup services person, like any other profession, has its ups and downs. Taking part in a bride’s special day, sharing the love and excitement of it can be very rewarding. However, ideally, you won’t get to work with the same person more than once. 

That means that you continuously need to be on the lookout for new clients. You might also use some fresh ideas on how to find clients for your wedding hair & makeup services. Don’t worry, we gathered them for you!wedding hair and makeup services

Fresh Ideas – How to find clients for your wedding hair and makeup services

Idea #1 – Know your Ideal Client

The ‘know your ideal client’-tip might seem a little overworked at first, but it’s actually not. It’s not just that you have to know them; you also have to target them. Most wedding pros try to market their services to everyone, which is pretty overwhelming, money- and time-consuming. In point of fact, you have to reach a myriad of people before you reach the right prospects. When you know your ideal client, though, you can considerably narrow your marketing focus down. This way, you’ll also reduce your budget and get better results with less effort.

Start with your own style and values. What are you like? Are you glam, edgy, boho, or more on the traditional side? What would you expect from your own bridal stylist? Once you have clarified these within yourself, you’ll know who to target for your wedding hair and makeup services. People most likely to be attracted to your work style will find you more easily, and you’ll turn them into clients more easily. 

Remember, marketing to masses is expensive, whereas marketing to your ideal clients is profitable and simple. So stop wasting your time trying to get to just anyone. You already know the prospects who are willing to hire you. Just put your business in front of them.

Idea #2 – Give a Taste of the Outcome

Of course, the bridal trial itself is a taste of what the complete wedding look will be. But we’re thinking a little more than that. 

To give your clients a more luxurious experience, include trial photos into your hair and makeup trial sessions. The idea is pretty straightforward. First off, create a little corner somewhere in your spot with good lighting and a cute background. When a client comes in for a trial of their bridal hairstyle and makeup, escort her to the photo-corner and take shots of the finished look from different angles. This way, your client can see what her hair and makeup will actually look like in photos on the wedding day. You see, this is a small thing you can do for your client, but it makes all the difference in the world. 

Providing this little extra (or any other idea that you might have) will make the bride feel pampered and special. Therefore, she might recommend you to her friends and acquaintances in the future.  

Idea #3 – Get your Place on Vendor Lists

As a wedding stylist, referrals are one of the best sources for quick clients. And what are the best sources for referrals? That’s right: venues, since they are generally the first wedding business engaged couples meet with.

Sometimes though, it’s not easy to get on the lists of venues that already have their favorite wedding hair and makeup artists. However, at least you need to try to connect with the top wedding venues close to your location. Here’s what you can do:

  • Reach out to the events manager. Give her/him a call and let them know that their venue is particularly trendy among your clients. Ask them if you could meet them on a slow day for some exchange of expertise.
  • Make sure to have business cards and different marketing materials on you, as well as a giveaway lookbook.
  • You might want to avoid directly asking to be on the venue’s preferred vendor list. If they like you, they will offer it anyway. If they do not even mention the topic, you can ask them if they have such a list. Leave it at that. Let them make the offer if they want.
  • Follow up! It doesn’t matter if you’re on their list or not. Growing a relationship with other businesses is a long-term commitment. Let them know once in a while that you’ve referred them to your clients, or you have a destination wedding in their venue. Client crossover is an excellent tool for establishing a connection.

Idea #4 – Find Clients with Online Advertising

FacebookPersonal page, Business Page, Personal Story, Business StoryThis is a great way to reach people in the millenial generation and older. It is easy to share Facebook content to multiple platformsFree
Clients page Clients storyAsk you happy clients to share an image and tag youFree
Facebook AdsA great way to reach potential clients who haven't heard about you until now. It has to be set up from theFacebook Business / Ads ManagerPaid - CPC varies (cost per click)
InstagramPersonal Feed, Business Feed, Personal Story, Business StoryShare the images of your work in InstagramFree
Clients Feed, Clients StoryAsk you happy clients to share an image and tag you in the image/ descriptionFree
Instagram AdsAs Intagram is owned by Facebook you can create ads from the Business ManagerPaid - CPC varies (cost per click)
PinterestPersonal BoardsCreate specific style boards in your profileFree
Group BoardsJoin Group boards for a better click rate. You can use Pingroupie Free
Pinterest AdsAs a relatively new feature, you can promote your pins to drive more traffic to your websitePaid - you can set a CPC as low as 10 cents
GoogleGoogle My BusinessFill out the information to be in the Google databaseFree
Google AdsYou can create Display, Search and Remarketing campaigns in Google Ads.Paid - Display ads are cheaper, Search ads are more expensive
WebsiteTestimonials Peage, My Work PageCreate an amazing page featuring your best work. Use well lit or styled type photosFree* You have to run the website - hosting costs about $3-$4/ month
Tik TokTik Tok FeedPost short videos of your workFree

Idea #5 – Social Media

Social media, Instagram and Facebook, in particular, is an essential part of your wedding hair and makeup services marketing. Posting special offers, announcing new services or products, introducing your new team members – you probably use Facebook for all of these. However, sometimes you’ve got to drop something fun and unusual in there to encourage activity, like a game or competition. 

Setting up a contest through a simple status update will increase the engagement and reach of your business. By encouraging people to Share, Like, and Comment on your Facebook updates helps the algoritm. Here are a few classic Facebook competition types that will surely boost activity among your followers:

  • Like to Win – Find an incentive to offer and ask people to like your business page to enter. Use a photo or graphic to make the call more appealing.
  • Comment to Win – Ask your audience to comment on your post to enter into the giveaway. Ask them a question, or use a fill-in-the-blank sentence such as: ‘My favorite beauty treatment is ______________ because _____________.
  • Solve to Win – Ask your fans to solve a riddle or answer a trivia question in the comments section to win the prize. 
  • Selfie Contest – People love getting creative and taking selfies. Pair the two! Ask the people of Facebook to upload their favorite selfie in the comments, and whichever gets the most likes will win the prize. 

Idea #6 – Word of Mouth

Though not exactly a solid marketing strategy, but it works. Word of mouth can be a very effective way to send word about your talents out to people. In this regard, hairstyling is a particularly lucky line of business, because a good hairdo speaks for itself. Someone sees a cute cut or a unique color that you mastered on one of your previous clients, ask who’s done it, and bamm: you got yourself a brand new customer!

Setting up a referral program or introducing cross-marketing with the help of other beauty professionals could also boost your business.  

Idea #7 – Partner Up with Your Competitors

You can view your fellow wedding hair and makeup artists as your rivals and behave accordingly. Or not. Instead, partner up with them, and discover the many fantastic opportunities that such a relationship may hold. Did you know that your competitors can be top sources of client referrals

That’s why instead of continually fearing that your peers might snatch away your clients, you should just take on a different approach. Join your forces and help each other along the way. You can swap leads, recommend each other for vendor lists, and give each other overflow work when booked up for a particular date. 

Idea #8 – Display your Work in Unexpected Places

Right after starting to search for wedding hair and makeup services actively, brides tend to get overwhelmed, and every portfolio starts to look the same. Try to get your work in front of them at a moment when they don’t expect it and aren’t comparing you to five other stylists.

Pick out your best work from your portfolio, and try to display them at places that are busy with women. We’re thinking places like nail salons and spas, accessories and jewelry shops, boutiques, and so on. A more extreme option is to display your work in the ladies’ powder room of a place that you think might attract your ideal clients. It can be a coffee-shop, an art gallery, a tattoo studio, a hip downtown studio, basically any place. 

The powder room isn’t exactly the most pleasant space one can imagine, but it’s definitely the most strategic. When you think about it, people do much less of multi-tasking while in the restroom. Their eyes usually start to wander the surroundings and end up observing the decor. That decor could be your work! If you want to make it a little more fun, you can put a funny text next to your pictures. 

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Idea # 9 – Host Free Expert Talks

Nowadays, engaged couples have so many wedding vendor choices that they easily get overwhelmed. One of the simplest and most efficient ways to win a bride over is to offer free advice, in person. However, it’s almost impossible to talk to each prospect in a separate meeting. That’s why hosting free expert talks on topics that they might be interested in is a great alternative. It’s a low-commitment, pressure-free way to connect with your potential clients. 

Partner up with wedding-related vendors to make the talk even more sought-after. Invite a few of them to present a short talk too. In your part, include topics such as how to look great in front of the camera, what shades match each eye-color, what are the latest wedding hairstyle trends, etc. 

No matter how you implement it, the key to the success of the event is proper promotion. Here’s what you can do to boost attendance:

  • Ask everyone involved to promote the talk on their email list, social media, and website. 
  • Put announcements in local newspapers, as well as community event listing sites. 
  • You may even run targeted Facebook and Instagram Ads. Chose a radius that covers the place where you’re hosting the talk and advertise to engaged couples who are only 0–3 months into the process. 

Idea #10 – Try Boutique Bridal Shows

Sometimes the larger a bridal show is, the harder it is to stand out. Luckily, they organize micro bridal shows now and then. These are smaller, boutique-style events of various kinds. They range from high-end, invite-only bridal events to eco-friendly city wedding fairs. These are generally lesser-known happenings, but you can find your best customers for your wedding hair and makeup services by attending them. The only difficulty may be discovering them, as they usually fly under the radar. There are a few ways, though, to seek them out:

  • Ask your vendor connections.
  • Run a Google search for events in your location using search words like ‘bridal show + city’, ‘bridal event + city’, ‘wedding fair + city’, etc.
  • Run a Google search on events hosted by venues that generally attract your ideal type of client with the search formula ‘wedding show + venue’.

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You can use multiple of the ideas above, but only one is enough to find clients for your wedding hair and makeup services. Just pick one that seems the most attractive and doable to you. Make sure to commit to implementing the chosen strategy, starting right away. Procrastination makes no good. Make the implementation process a marketing goal that you have to finish this month. And remember, action delivers results, not knowledge.