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10 ways to Find Clients for your Wedding Hair & Makeup Business

10 Ways to Find Clients for your Wedding Hair & Makeup Services

Being a wedding hair and makeup services person, like any other profession, has its ups and downs. Taking part in a bride’s special day, sharing the love and excitement of it can be very rewarding. However, ideally, you won’t get to work with the same person more than once.  That means that you continuously need …

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what do you need to open a nail salon

What Do You Need to Open a Nail Salon

The anatomy of opening your own nail salon is pretty similar to the structure of a flawless manicure. Firstly, you prepare and embed your dream of a salon by getting a proper training and the needed certifications.  Secondly, you give form to your ideas and start looking for a suitable place which you equip with …

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Marketing Wedding Hair and Makeup Services

Exceptional wedding hair and makeup services are widely coveted almost all throughout the year. Whether you’re a freelance hair and makeup stylist or team member of an existing salon, you probably know that connecting with new clients is the best way to help you grow your business.  Discover the myriad opportunities that the wedding industry …

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